Thursday, May 29, 2008

Night Out....

Out with work people last night, baby free night and my very own man was doing boy things. So I made the mistake of mentioning that I have never tasted jaggermiester. Not a good move on my part. The shots started coming. Seeing as how I had to be at work at 8, not bright. By midnight I was fading fast, handed the reins over the Lady T and tried to figure out how to get home. Luckily, I caught D just as he was going home and he picked me up. To which I have to say thank you times a million. Saved me money and I got to see my favourite guy for a few blurry moments. All in all, a good deal for me. D simply rocks. (thank you sweetie!)

This was not my food. But after a taste, I truly wished it was. Bistro 326 is yummy.

I think Anthony has that look on his face because he was worried I was going to steal his food. (yes I did eat but everything was really good last night).
Before jagger - after wine. Graham: I will pour this plant on your head! Matt: No! Not the plant. Ummmm...ya.

Before the jagger

And after.....

Do I see romance in the air??? she's gonna kill me.

Lady T and Mickey (again....romance?) oh god - she is really gonna kill me. hah.

And finally.......ex firefighter turned DJ and the sweet as pie Dan P.

All in all, a good night. Painful today....but fun. Though I would like to point out that SOMEONE....not naming names....SOMEONE went to see Indy without me last night. *grumble*

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

hehehehe....damn I love Dilbert!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


You know those moments you have? The ones that make you feel all warm and fuzzy? The just plain good ones? The moments that you don't want to be anywhere else but where you are? Here's a couple of my favourites from the last week or two.

1. Huge enveloping bear hugs from 'summer family' members I haven't seen since last fire season.

2. Sitting in the dusk listening to a sublime mixture of crickets, splashing water and vintage blues music. Made me feel like I was....somewhere. Not sure where but it was comforting and exotic all at the same time.

3. Eating tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches with my little boy on a rainy evening. Very cozy.

4. Sitting in a hamock in dappled sunshine that is all gold and green as it filtres through the tree leaves, listening to helicopters "whop whop whop whop" in the back ground with my eyes closed. Drowsing....

5. And the best of all: Hearing my 22 month old son say "I wub oo mommy" (translation: I love you mommy) for the first time.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Word of the Day....

1. a. The act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes; immediate cognition. See Synonyms at reason.
b. Knowledge gained by the use of this faculty; a perceptive insight.
2. A sense of something not evident or deducible; an impression.

This Kinda Freaks Me Out

It's a morbid facsination thing....I can't look away but it gives me the creeps. Odd. (thanks to Drew for the link)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I did not know this.

My excuse is I was only 13 at the time and cared little for such things as politics and current events. What were they in comparison to the mall, hairspray and multi-coloured slouch socks? Anyways, I find that I admire the man - takes guts to be the only one.

The man who changed Canadian history with one simple word

When Brian Mulroney’s federal government tried to integrate Quebecers into the Canadian constitution with five special modifications — including recognizing it as a distinct society, they had the public support of the nation.
But on June 3, 1990, the day Canada’s Premiers signed the Meech Lake accord, one Manitoban politician raised an eagle feather and uttered a single word: “No.” His simple but firm refusal to ratify the accord threw Canada in an unprecedented political crisis with potentially devastating consequences for the nation.
Over the next 20 days Elijah Harper, Manitoba’s Minister of Northern Affairs, fought nail and tooth against personal threats, a hounding press and stone cold politicians in order to protect the rights of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples.
Most folk are probably aware of the failed Meech Lake accord and the subsequent demise of Canada’s conservative party, but few are aware that one of the key players was Elijah Harper: an indigenous man from Red Sucker Lake First Nation in Manitoba.
In a parliamentary romp of a movie that does anything but take itself seriously, that’s about to change. With its catchy music, zainy characters and unassuming narrative, Elijah puts your standard "father's documentary" to shame.
Elijah stars a whole slew of talented Canadian actors, including Billy Merasty (Moose TV), Glen Gould as Phil Fontaine and Gabrielle Miller (Corner Gas) as a political reporter.
For Merasty, landing the lead role of one of his heroes was a dream come true, albeit a little frightening. “It was very emotional to me, being a Cree individual who knew what was going on and why Elijah did what he did,” confesses Merasty. “It was quite the emotional experience. There was a lot at stake — our families, our folk and the whole notion of being Native was in question.”
Luckily, the 25-year theatre vet had a good basis for the role: while flying to do a play in 1990, he happened to land a seat on the plane right next to Elijah Harper, who was smack in the middle of this whole political debacle. The two discussed their similar heritages, Harper’s thoughts and feelings on the Accord, and they became fast friends. “We connected like kin,” Merasty remembers. “I really admire him. In fact as soon as I got the role I called him and he said, ‘Good. That’s good. At least you know the area. At least you know what’s going on.’”
Merasty’s honest approach to the role — his attempt to convey that Elijah did what he did not to be in the spotlight but for the greater good of his people, was so convincing that he brought writer and executive producer Blake Corbet to tears during his audition: a reenactment of the first legislative speech Harper ever gave.
“Elijah Harper is like a hero to me, he’s like my Gandhi, my Nelson Mandela,” Merasty explains. “He’s a crusader who stood up for the rights of his own people — so I revered him. He is someone very special to me and I wanted to honour him.”
And although Merasty was initially surprised to be asked to audition (“I look nothing like him!”) he manages to pull off a stellar performance. “I’ve received a good number of wonderful praise, but one of my favourite compliments comes from my hero,” the actor muses. “Elijah said to me, ‘good job.’ Very simple but it means so much.”
Coming from a man of so few words, it’s probably the highest compliment around.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm an Idiot. It's Unfortunate.

  • No mediation for me....yay! Papers shall be filed with the courts within the next few weeks. No more dealing with uncertainty regarding custody, finances and the like. 'Tis a good thing.

  • I have an uncanny ability to embarrass myself. Things that should only happen in ridiculous teeny bopper movies seem to happen to me. I need to work on this.

  • Nothing is burning down. This displeases me.

  • Gymnastics with Noah tomorrow for the first time. I'm looking forward to that, hopefully he finds it fun. We need more activities.

  • I had only salad for dinner, due to the fact that my pilots served some of the devil's food for the rest of the meal. Therefore, I'm feeling a little peckish.

  • I really want to learn how to play the guitar. I've been saying that for years. Maybe it's time I do something about it.

  • I ought to go to bed but I don't want to.

  • And finally, I realized today that I really need a holiday. Away from the 'loops. I crave a road trip.

Over and Out.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I likey

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's a Grrrr Kind of Night

Now this is just strange...

I noticed today that I haven't seen a volkswagon beetle in ages. Not those pansy-assed new ones but an old school punch buggy. I have many fond memories of sitting in the backseat of my parents car, beating my brother under the guise of the punchbuggy game.

Where did they go?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Just for Trevor - Hot Chick of the Week

Here you go Trev

Monday's Obscure Country of the Week


Quick Facts and Figures
Official Name: Principality of Liechtenstein
Capital City: Vaduz
Latitude/Longitude: 47° 10'N, 9° 32'E
Languages: German (official)
Official Currency: Swiss Franc
Religions: Catholic, others
Population: 32,119
Land Area: 160 sq km (62 sq miles)
Landforms: The Rhine River valley covers the western third of the country, with the mountainous (Alps) the balance.
Land Divisions: 11 communes, including: Balzers, Eschen, Gamprin, Mauren, Planken, Ruggell, Schaan, Schellenberg, Triesen, Triesenberg, and Vaduz.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

They Shoot Venom From Their Eyes...

You can't tell from the picture, but there was a rogue cow loose in the kitchen. It was really rather frightening. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And in the beginning the grasshopper said...

I've been encouraged to blog.
I really want to say....


There, that feels better.