Sunday, June 29, 2008

Au Revoir Les Canards, bonne journée

We've been robbed.
By a rat bastard named PBC.

We have mascots at work. Every tanker base has a few "special items" that we proudly display. One of our more amusing past times is the stealing of said mascots. There are rules. The mascots may only be stolen if you fly in to a base, while on a fire fighting mission. They may only be transported by birddog and if you are caught before your plane takes off, the mascot is forfiet back to it's home base.

Here in YKA we have a stuffed linx head named freddy, a stuffed black bear head named benny, a plaque with little rubber duckies on it given to us by the Quebec ducks and a large ceramic pelican. The bear and pelican we lifted from Prince George. Freddy was stolen last year and it took all our guile and cunning to get him back.

Tonight PBC flew in in Birddog 112 to refuel, and came in for some pizza. He left bestowing hugs and smiles to us all. Looking a little shifty too, but we chalked it up to being a bit fatigued and having taken 5, yes 5 pieces of pizza.

Until holly and I noticed a plug on the wall that we had never seen before. A little perplexing to say the least. We are here for many a long hour, one would think we would notice an oddly placed electrical plug before now (seriously, it's about 6 feet up the wall. Very odd).

Then it occured to us WHY we had never noticed the plug. Because the duck plaque had hung there covering it.

The rat bastard must pay. I hope his pizza gives him the trots.

Let the games begin.

Oh Yeah.....

Bwah! Thanks Anthony - got a kick outta this. Reminds me of some people I know. hahahaha.

Coming Soon....

Why does Erin have such a look on her face? Why was her weekend so fantabulous? Coming soon to a blog near you, the answers to these questions and more!

(**I like waffles heeheehee!!!! - thanks to LM's you rock chicca!)

Thursday, June 26, 2008


1. Every day they say it will be sunny. And every day it clouds over.

2. My stomach hurts.

3. I had terrible dreams last night involving aliens, blood, and being chased by rabid cows (ok they might have been dogs but I could swear it looked like a cow).

4. I'm tired.

5. I want a vacation.

6. I want to take my camera and explore, I want to find something I've never seen before. But I'm too busy this weekend. I can't.

7. I just finished my last book.

8. My hair needs cutting.

9. I'm hungry but did I mention my stomach hurts?

10. I wish that Eli Mattson Character would put out a CD. Someone sign him already please.

11. I seem to be full of negativity today, I need.....something. Not sure what, but I don't like this dreary feeling. Perhaps pizza, a glass of wine, some tums and a bubble bath will help.

1.5 hours until the little monkey goes to bed and I can spoil myself a bit.

Erin is down and clear, over and out.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What BCFS firefighters do in their off time...


America's got talent 2008 Eli Mattson Walking in Memphis.
I can't wait until this guy gets signed....I want to buy his CD. I think he is going to go far, his voice makes me shivery. Meet my new imaginary husband....he's gonna be a star.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

L - 10

10 minutes to lunch. I'm hungry. Trying to be disgustingly healthy lately so lunch is rather boring but it's better than yesterday.
I forgot my lunch yesterday, that sucked big time.

Guess what?

And finally, exactly 1 week until Erin Day!!!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008


What do you do when someone your really close to and love does or is doing something that is so so wrong to you....?

Nothing illegal but something that really bothers you? On one hand it's none of your business, aside from the fact that you know about it, but on the other, it's your business BECAUSE you found out / know about it.

It's a pickle.

Things I Want and Other Interesting Things

What a busy weekend! Actually we have been crazy busy the last few weeks. It's all been fun stuff though so there is no complaining, but I'm sleepy! D is house sitting for his bro and sister in law and I get to help part time. This is a great thing as the house is absolutly amazing. It's around a hundred years old and just chock full of cool stuff. Stunning old architecture, tons of original features.....every room is a plethora of photographic opportunity. Which leads me to the next bit of fun! We are going all crazy photographing all the gorgeous little still lifes that abound in the house, and will be posting them on our house blog - link to come shortly once duncan makes it pretty.

Then, taking an idea from D's past life (or as I call it, B.E. - before Erin - back when all was dark and dreary for him....yes I am just THAT cool *snicker*) we are going to do a photography contest in the basement. Yes. The basement. 6 shots each, 3 from my DSLR and 3 from his point and shoot. We will post all 12 randomly mixed up on the photo blog and hopefully Jfu, Joz or Jon - take your pic, will judge for us. And anyone else who cares to pitch in.

I am fully confident that I will win. But then again so is Duncan.....could be interesting. *grin* I'm very excited about this.

Ok, now because I'm totally mercinary and it IS only 8 days until Erin day! - a list of some of the big-ish things I really want (but that I can pretty much guarentee I WONT get), just for fun. Hahaha.
1. Pentax DA 40mm F2.8 Limited Lens
The SMC PENTAX-DA 40mm F2.8 Limited lens is designed for use with digital cameras. At only 15mm thick it is exceedingly thin. This exclusive "Limited Lens" assures exceptional image quality, with high contrast, high resolution, great sense of depth, and minimal aberrations. Sophisticated and portable it offers a natural perspective close to the naked eye. The SMC PENTAX-DA 40mm F2.8 Limited is an ideal standard lens that performs superbly. Like all PENTAX lenses, this lens is treated with the acclaimed SMC coating for maximum light transmission, sharp definition, and high contrast images.

2. A Lens Baby
I've been dying to play with one of these since a few months ago when I got my hands on one up at sunpeaks.....want want want. Sigh.

3. Any of these pendants from Heartworks on
Love Love Love this style. Also love the more rectangular ones. They look wicked on a thin silvery wire instead of chain, choker style. Check it out, it's pretty.

4. A Kit-Cat Clock

I have always wanted one of these. Maybe an Erin day gift to myself? Hmmmmm.....

5. Operettas Viardot [Black] by Fluevog

Ok, I'll stop now.....Must go buy a lotto ticket!!!

Over and Out!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

British Chicks are Ugly Compared to Swedes???

This one is for my very own, oh so complimentary man, Duncan. Thanks and I love you too sweetie......(*grrrr* in response to his post - maybe he forgot I was british?)


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What's it Like on Mars Today?

Mars Weather Report

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Things I Learn

This weekend was full of interesting little epiphanies for me...just little tiny things, but they add up. That's how ya learn I guess. Plus I like lists, and never make them, which could be part of my whole problem in life....but I digress.

Things I learned this weekend:

1. If you apply sunscreen as soon as you notice you are burning, it's already too late. Ouch.

2. I can get away with 1 night of grace. That is it. And I had to concentrate real hard. And then the next day and for the rest of the weekend, I'm as clumsy as ever and then some. (*side note to this - it's a pretty amazing feeling to meet someone who is as clumsy, if not more so than me!!!!)

3. You never stop learning about people. Makes one wonder how solid opinions and feelings are ever formed when every relationship, be it friendship, family or a partnership, is constantly evolving due to what you learn about each other. It's a crazy, sometimes scary, but ultimately beautiful ride, this life of ours.

4. Sunshine is a wonderful thing. And it's way better when your out in it rather than inside watching it. (I already knew that but it was really brought to my attention the last few days).

5. Getting lost in the woods is really not as difficult as one might think.

6. Sleeping on a mattress and sleeping on the ground are much less than 3 degrees of separation apart sometimes.

7. I still do not like corn.

8. I need to learn to speak my thoughts and feelings more in life instead of keeping it all inside and expecting everything to just magically figure itself out, cause chances are, if I don't, they won't all just work out and then I end up frustrated. This one is going to be a life-long job I think, it's hard but in the end would probably make me a much more relaxed person.

9. I now know what "chickies" are and curiosity has been thoroughly satisfied. For another 10 years.

10. I am, in general, enjoying this part of my life so much, I haven't had so many moments of utter contentment in a long long time. *smile* It feels damn good.

11. My son thinks I'm hilarious when I try to discipline him. I had a sneaking suspicion about this one, but now know for sure. Sigh.

Anyways, thats about it in a nutshell. Now off to contimplate stuff and pretend I'm Amish just for kicks. In a hamock. Cause what's more Amish than a hamock and powerade.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Should vs. Will

I should be working on photos right now....but I think I'll go shopping instead.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Food I do Like

Just so I don't sound like I basically hate food, therefore having some sort of horrible mental illness like foodophobia or hatefooditis. Really, I love food. I love to eat it. Which is perhaps not always a good thing....but anyways, without further ado,


1. Pie

This is well known. I feel no need to expound on this further.

2. Pizza

Who doesn't like pizza? Pizza is a wonderful thing. All that gooey goodness covered in cheese, which brings me to number 3...


I love cheese. Almost as much as I love pie. In fact, maybe more. I could almost, ALMOST, tolerate beets if they were covered in cheese. Not raisins though. Never raisins. I especially love guyryre cheese. Though I cannot spell it. It's tasty on ricecakes.

4. Tomato Basil Rice Cakes

Delicious. Try them, you just might like them. Especially with Cheese.

5. Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese sandwhiches

The ULTIMATE comfort food (plus it has cheese)

6. Bacardi Breezers

Ok, technically not a food. But I like them.

7. Prawns

Especially in garlic butter. And cooked just right so they are nutty and squishy. Mmmmm...squishy prawns. But never deep fried.

8. Strawberries

These have to be the best fruit ever. You cannot go wrong with strawberries, unless your allergic to them, in which case, I pity you.

9. Meat

I like meat in general. It's good. I could never be a vegatarian. Except for liver, I hate liver. It's not a meat it's an organ. I really like beef the best I think. Cows are scary, we should all eat them.

10. Pasta with Alfredo sauce or a good Rose sauce

filling, rich, buttery, CHEESEY goodness on a plate. Another comfort food. Very fattening, but if it's offered, I will eat it up.

11. Cucumbers

A little bit of summer in every bite. Refreshing and tasty.

12. Pineapple

I could eat 2 whole pineapples if it wasn't for the fact that my mouth would blister. Its' good stuff all yellow and juicy. I like it.

13. Yorkshire pudding

Who doesn't like this delightful concoction of water, flour, egg and salt? So simple and yet so delectible. Especially with gravy (made from meat) or cheese sause AND gravy if you want to get all crazy.

14. Bread

BIG fan of bread. Bagels especially with cream cheese. mmmmmm

15. Chinese Food

I love this stuff. Chow mein, dumplings, stirfry, friend rice, chop suey.....I could eat it alot. but then I'd get sick of it and I like it too much to do so. I'd like to say I'm getting better with the chopsticks as Duncan makes me practice whenever we eat it (that and my own stubborn nature) but really, I'm not.

So that is just a sample of Food I Like.

Over and Out

How Do I Be the Bad Guy?

Doesn't he look sweet? Well generally he is, but as we get closer to his second birthday (in around a month) he is getting more and more....unmanageable. Tantrums, stubborn, hitting, bad words (for which I blame his dad...sigh). If he doesn't get his own way he throws a tantrum. He won't listen. Won't come when I call him. He is a happy, sweet little boy, but is testing his limits and is just so darn willful (gee....wonder who he got that from? oops...).

So what do you do? How do you discipline a toddler who really only understands about 60% of what you say? It's a pickle.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Crack Shack Part 1

I have limited photos as I've been lazy as all heck lately and haven't lightroom'd them.

But so far Mel's house has had the following issues:

1. The whole house is basically sinking/falling down as there isn't enough / proper support beams in the foundation - they are currently building a new beam to go down the centre of the house, I'm concerned about the corners but Mel is sure this will work so I'll have faith.

2. When we took out the ceiling panels in the main livingroom / kitchen area, we found, along with over 300 pounds of sawdust, that the ceiling truss's were cracked right though due to an insufficient pitch on the roof combined with tin roofing and big snowloads in the winter. Those are being reinforced now too.

3. The shut off valve for the water is broken. The city had to come shut the water off so that the bathroom can be gutted.

4. Bathroom: Mold. Lots of Mold. Floors are rotted right through, using the toilet is dicey, walls are rotten, subfloor is rotten. Basically has to be gutted and started fresh.

I received a somewhat ominous email this morning from M - simply stating that she found more issues with the house last night, but she didn't go into detail. I'll put in a few hours saturday morning before the weekend craziness begins. Here's a few photos of last weekend, mainly spent shoveling the above mentioned sawdust. Bleck.

Oh, and Mel - I'm so proud of you. You have guts girl!

Taking out the useless post - check out the rockin' 60's wallpaper we found behind it! Duncan is supervising - see that rather dubious expression on his face? Like he is constantly biting his tongue? Ya that was pretty much how he looked the whole time we were there.....It's all rather overwhelming!

Deb takin' out some shelves. Who knew crowbars were so much fun!

Me, getting ready to dive into sawdust....before mask....

And after mask...I rather like this look, I think it suits me.

Mel and I shoveling sawdust. Oh ya.....building those shoulder muscles....

Kelly smashing out the really fugly fireplace - the house was sinking rather badly underneath this behemoth - it's gone now. To be replaced with a cozy wood burning stove.

So more this weekend, I'm learning lots and have finally stopped shrieking when I pull off some wood or when something lands on my head. It's progress. I'm such a girly girl when it comes to things like that. But I'm sure by the end of the reno's I'll be all tough and stuff. heehee!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Seriously Concerned for Today's Children

Holy crap. This is brutal. COKE??? Who gives an 18 month old COKE? She'll be fine??? This makes me so angry and even more sad......sigh.

From the UK Daily Mail - June 10, 2008

Obese at just 18 months, the little girl raised on a diet of
James TozerLast updated at 7:58 AM on 09th June 2008

She's only 18 months old, but Courtney Boswell's diet of chips - and not much else - means she weighs as much as the average four-year-old.

But despite being warned her daughter's future health is at risk, her mother Angela insists the toddler will grow up
just fine.

Miss Boswell, 33, said persuading Courtney to eat healthier
foods has proved almost impossible. She said: 'Most of all she loves chips. I ate a lot of chips in chocolate sauce when I was pregnant with her so maybe it comes from that.

'I think she'll be fine when she's older - I'm not worried at all.

'People say she's getting podgy because her tummy sticks out a bit, but it's just a bit of puppy fat and she will grow out of it.'

Courtney, who weighs 2st 2lbs, or half a stone more than the average 18-month-old, will this week feature in Wednesday's ITV1 documentary, Britain's Biggest Babies.

The toddler, whose diet also occasionally extends to chocolate, crisps, cereal and Coca-Cola, is shown devouring a portion of chips in just under ten minutes.

But her mother insisted that a lack of vegetables is not for lack of trying.

'I've tried giving her healthy food but she won't eat it,' Miss Boswell said. 'She will eat a bit of what we're having, say spaghetti bolognese, and she had a massive bowl of mashed potato the other day.

'She might have a banana sometimes, or yoghurt, but she won't touch vegetables - she picks them up and throws them.'

Nutritionist Jeanette Jackson said: 'This really is very bad, this poor child.

'She is only 18 months and already she is chronically obese. The foods she is being given lack vitamins and minerals. Her development will be delayed and, if it continues,
there is high risk of her getting a chronic illness.'

Catherine Collins, from the British Dietetic Association,
added: 'It can take up to seven attempts to get a child to try something new but there are ways of varying this diet and the family should seek advice from their GP.'

But Miss Boswell - who has four other children, including a
five-month-old son, Kai, by partner Gary Quinn, 37 -
insisted there was nothing wrong with Courtney's diet.

'We don't have any big people in our family,' she said. 'If
there were I'd be more concerned,
but the other kids
have had similar diets
and been fine.

'She's a very healthy baby and it's not often she gets ill. She drinks milk and sometimes Coke between her meals but she is very active. All the children get veg, but I can't force them to eat it.'

Around 13.4 per cent of children under ten are now obese -
so overweight that it threatens their health - up from 9.9 per cent in 1995.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Who Knew?

Appearantly if you write things such as "I want Pie", "I love Pie", "Gee! I wish we had some Pie!" on enough sign-in and white boards (and maybe once on the giant map in the kitchen), well you know what happens?

The Pilots Buy Some Pie!!!!

We have strawberry pie, apple caramel pie, cherry pie and banana cream.

Oh ya....who's the pie bitch now?!!

**am I bored you ask? Why yes....yes I am. Everything outside in our fair province is....well it's rather damp.

David Forgets that Cats are Harmless

I don't know why, but this has me laughing so hard. Oh my Lord....I find this so funny! heeheehee....

A Comprehensive List of Food I Don't Eat

It's been brought to my attention (rather abruptly in fact, several times) that I am a rather picky eater. I never thought I was, but lately I think it's time to just admit to it. Yes. I am picky. If I don't like something I don't eat it. Simple as that. If my son doesn't like something, I don't make him eat it. Within reason of course. I mean, if he liked something yesterday and doesn't like it today, I'm more inclined to suppose he just doesn't FEEL like eating it today as opposed to genuinely not liking it. I still have horrid memories of family dinners of liver and onions or onion stuffed quiche when I was a child. And of being forced to eat it. I know food isn't cheap and there is starving people and all that, but in this country it is thankfully abundant and there are loads of options. Food is something to be savoured, enjoyed. Meals should be relaxing and pleasant. Memories of eating should be good, not wreathed in feelings of nausau and frustration. That being said, here is the list of food I don't eat.


Hideous little buggers these. Red bits of tangy nastiness. I can't even describe the flavour, it's just too awful. I feel disgruntled when I even see one of these out in the world.


I dunno. I just don't like it. Fresh or salt water, farmed or game, fried, baked, poached, or BBQ'd - I don't like it. It just tastes.....fishy.


I don't even need to say anything here. Yuck.


Oh my goodness do I ever despise raisins. The texture, the taste, the wrinkly little elderly grape appearance. BLECK. I do, however, love grapes. Funny story here, Mel made a birthday cake for Deb a few years back, just that day Deb and I had been happily discussing our shared loathing of raisins and when we got to Mel's house for Deb's birthday BBQ guess what the cake was? Carrot cake filled with raisins. Not only did it have raisin's in it, but Mel had accidentally spilled EXTRA into the batter. The next year, Mel forgot and made raisin carrot cake again. It was.....unpleasant. Anyways, I can't say enough about how much I dislike raisins.

5. CORN (except for anything made with cornmeal - that I like)

I dunno. Just don't like it. Plus it gets stuck in my teeth and that bothers me.


Stringy, mushy bit of ick. Not a big fan. The texture upsets me and the taste, well, it does not please my palate.

7. Whole Grains, Cherries, Un-cooked Nuts and any Fruit seed or pit

Ok, these I do not dislike. I would eat them if I could but I can't. You see, the skins on whole grains, nuts and pits and seeds of most fruit has trace amounts of naturally occuring arsenic in them. I am allergic to arsenic. Or hyper-sensitive to it, whatever you want to call it. What it comes down too is eating these things makes my throat swell up and breathing gets a little dicey.


It tastes like how I would imagine purreed weeds to taste. Plus it's too yellow.

9. Any Fruit / Meat combination (with the exception of pineapple in S/S pork)

Fruit and meat do not belong together. This includes pork and apple sauce, chicken and any fruit, turkey and cranberry sauce.....I've had many a perfectly good meat dish ruined by fruit. The worst was a chicken with apricot fiasco. The flavours just don't blend for me. I like my savoury to be savoury and my sweet to be sweet.


Ummmm......ya. I know. Odd. But I don't like it. Especially if paired with chocolate icing. It's not that I have anything against chocolate, I'm fond of it, but chocolate cake is just beyond the pale. It's too much, too rich and just bleh.


A combination of mushy cherries (ick) and chocolate cake (double ick). Not my style at all. If I have to eat it to be polite I mush the cherry bit around on my plate to make it look like I'm just a messy eater as opposed to having not eaten it at all.


Those little fruit bits? Gross.


I feel like I'm eating bugs and it makes my stomach feel all pokey.


It's the only food that immediatly, and violently makes me disturbingly ill. Pair that with a shot of tequilla and I'm legally dead.

So ya....there ya go. I'm pretty sure I forgot a few. But since I get teased about this all the time I thought I'd just come clean and throw this out there.

I am picky. Hear me roar.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Like...Totally Random Dude

1. I like pie. I mean I like it alot. Sugary, crusty, fruity goodness on a plate. Especially berry pies. My mom makes a mean pie. If there is one thing I crave on a consistant basis, it's pie. In fact, I'm craving some pie right now. It makes me a bit sad that there is no pie to be had in my world at the moment.

2. Lyrics mean alot to me. A song can have a mediocre melody, but give me some kickass lyrics and I love it. I tend to give the important people and events in my life theme songs. It changes on a rotating basis. Every sublime or excruciating moment has a song, every (ex)boyfriend has a song, or several, my friends have songs, most of my summer family members have them, and my memories run through my head with full audio tracks. 'Arms Wide Open' by Creed kept playing in my mind when I was busy birthin' my son. (unoriginal I know). Every song I love has a story behind it, the lyrics make me think of someone or something. Thats just how I roll.

3. I need to start potty training this boy of mine. He will be 2 in just over a month. But honestly, the thought of doing so makes me feel so overwhelmed - like a 8th grader suddenly dropped off at a senior highschool by mistake. I don't know where to start.

4. My weekend was good. Pretty chill....Melissa bought a house (yay Mel!) and we have dubbed it 'the Crack Shack'. No I don't do crack in the house. Nor do any of my friends, in fact, we are not known to do crack at all.....I've never even seen crack let alone thought about doing it...but I digress. The crack shack is falling down. Literally. So I helped with reno's there. I forsee many a saturday at ye old crack house. Pictures of that fiasco to come later. She is a brave girl, my mel, and I couldn't be prouder of her.

5. Also did the photos for my ex-step-sister's grad. Wow. I wish we'd had dresses and limo's like that when I was in highschool! My grad was a lot more low-key...the focus was not so much on fashion, champagne and accessories. No, we boring 90's gradders were more focused on...I dunno...the excitement of graduation from highschool? No...that's not it. Oh ya, we put an outhouse on the school roof. That was the focus of my grad. Keep in mind I gradded from a town of 4000 mill workers/ranchers. Ergo the outhouse. But my point is, Lora was gorgeous and the photos are looking good. Can't wait to get them out of my camera.

Signing off for's a little dilbert to really get your Sunday rollin'

Anna Nalick - More than Melody

I really really like this song. I like it so much I wish I'd wrote it, could play it and had any singing talent whatsoever, and could therefore sing it.

I've never been a big Anna Nalick fan, but listening to her accoustic work, I'm revising my opinion. She has a stunning voice.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Devil in my Lunch

OK. Here's the deal.

Yes. I do have an amazing boyfriend who cooks like a culinary angel. Not only can he cook, but he is thoughtful and when he knows I'll be staying over he makes me my very own little container of whatever he created for dinner so that I can have a delicious, healthy lunch the next day at work.

Oh yes, he is a dream. I'm envied by the girls at work and the men make sure their own women never find out about it, so that expectations are not built up in their own worlds. If you were to call me a lucky girl you would be dead on.


Oh yes, there is a but. This morning I received quite a shock. I opened my container to show one of the pilots what I had today (he cooks too and is always curious about what fantastic meal I have in my lunch bag). So I open the container, sniffing appreciatively at the aroma of BBQ pork and roasted potatoes when.......


Worlds crumbled....entire civilizations exploded into nothing but fiery memories of apocolyptical horror....time as I know it stopped.


Sitting there, NOT minding it's own business, touching a delectible potato, staining it with it's evil can't say it....I will say it....A BEET.

Now I adore this man of mine, but I must point out that he does know of my extreme, almost phobic aversion to beets.....I can picture him now, sitting in his hidden lair, rubbing his hands together, chuckling a fiendish chuckle that slowly and eerily rises into a cresendo of evil laughter


*sob* I may have to take the rest of the day off. My delicate and fragile psyche just can't take this kind of torment.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Signs I've Been at Work too Long

At work we have 2 (*3) shifts. The early shift, which is 8-4 and the late shift which is 10-6. On the late shift, which I have been working this week I start at 10 and while I'm technically off at 6, I have to stay until either the end of alert (8 pm) or until the planes have all landed. This week all our fire activity has been up north, which means that their grounding times are not until 10:30 ish at night. Then we have to wait for all the fire reports and paper work to get filled out. Makes for some long days. But is great for the bank account! New clothes for Noah and I, here I come!

So, some signs that I've been there too long on a late shift:

1. I throw a half eaten banana in the garbage can, it's kinda overripe and therefore smelly, and I realize that was a dumb move cause the janitors have already come and gone for the night. So tomorrow I get to work in banana scented purgatory.

2. My daily horoscope email that mysteriously appears in my inbox in the middle of the night and is just there when I sign in in the morning.....well it shows up. While I'm still sitting there.

3. I start seriously considering bringing a sleeping bag and overnighting in the pilots nap room. Just seems easier that way rather than driving home and then back in a few hours.

4. The base's auto heat/cool system cuts in, turning itself off as no one should be there at that time of night. Brrrrrrrr.

5. I find my self mulling over creative ways in which to cut down on my shower time tomorrow morning, therefore optimizing sleep time.

6. Waiting for paper work at the end of the night, when all the planes are down and clear at their respective bases, I find that I have become full of ennui and boredom towards the internet. Yup. The internet bores me.

7. Sometimes I realize that I have seen WAY more of my work family than my real family. More of my pilots, engineers and forestry people than of my son, boyfriend, friends and family. This makes me kinda sad cause I miss my "real" people. Lots.

But in the end, I love my job, I love what I do and the people I work with. I'm not complaining, I know tons of people do the same thing in all sorts of jobs, I'm just trying to pass the time while waiting for paperwork.
*The third shift is the dreaded "Early/Late" shift which I have done a few times this week - start at 8 and work to close. Only happens when we are training a new person - which we are - or someone is sick.

**I wrote this up last night but somehow didn't post it.

*** A funny thing this morning, woke up and had NO idea where I was. Quite odd considering I was at home in my own bed! I've been housesitting for the last 10 days and either sleeping there or at D's house (oh crispy new 1200 thread count I do adore you) so it was rather disconcerting today to wake up in my apartment. A few moments of confused panic while I sorted it all out.

Oh, and I got home last night and realized that I forgot my toothbrush at the place I was housitting. Yuck. Scope just doesn't cut it.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Modest Mouse - The Cold Part

OK - Lets stop melting shit OK? And by that I mean the big stuff. The important stuff. Watching some show on the weather channel (yes dammit, I watch the weather channel and I'm proud of it!) and it's pretty scary. Modest Mouse agrees....and they are scrumptious, musically that is.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Love this song...

I almost forgot about this's one of my all time favourites and oh so true in many senses, this version is by Jose Gonzalez who is quickly becoming one of my top ten accoustic type artists.

BWAHAHA! This kills me!!!!