Saturday, September 6, 2008


Not blogging much lately.

But I'm busy.

Busy learning stuff about me.

Some of it is real unpleasant. And some of it is beautiful. Some of it is only giving rise to more questions and some is giving disapointing answers.

Some is like cobwebs, and some is solid as granite, some scares me and some makes me feel joy. So many things are coming together for me in my head, reasons, explanations, changes that need to be made, things that I should never much. It's interesting. The smallest word or gesture someone makes or idea or opinon a person in my life voices can spark a whole new thought, idea or insight. It's cool.

But the point is, I'm learning, processing, reforming my visions and hopes, my expectations, my possible realities.

And you know what? There is so many options. Nothing is ever for sure but nothing is ever really impossible either.

So ya. I'm busy.

I hate times like this. I love times like this.

Interesting/disillusioning, Joyful/Sad, Surprising/Expected, Hidden/Shared.

It's crazy how you go through times in your life where suddenly it's like you've been plunked into the school of self, it's just crazy. But then after you graduate that part of it, you know yourself so much more. Until next time it rolls around. *grin*

rambly introspective post. Just to show I'm alive and well, and in a really intersting, scary, exciting, newish kinda place.



Anonymous said...

Phew! Is THAT all! LOL...I was getting worried!

Self discovery is AWESOME...I wish you excellnt disoveries on your journey...:0