Thursday, October 23, 2008


I'm going to see Bob Dylan on Saturday night. I'm very excited. I thought he was dead by appearantly not. Interesting.

And I get to stay on at work until January 3rd. The full time position (as opposed to my seasonal position) will be posted monday, wish me luck!!!

Other than that, my son is in the terrible 2's. Not sure what to do with him.....I love the little man more than anything but he is really trying my patience. He's gotten very loud. Not sure why. But he no longer wants to talk, he prefers to shout everything.

And the worst part? He gets up at 5 am every morning. ARG! He needs more sleep. I need more sleep. But for some reason his little body decides 5 it is.

It's all so very perplexing. Then again, I'm finding many things perplexing lately. I should eat more fish. I hear it's good for the brain.