Monday, August 4, 2008


The last few days we have been finding mouse droppings around the airtanker base. So Jeff, my boss/duty officer set some traps. This morning I came in, checked the one trap and found it empty thank goodness.

I forgot about the other one.

I went over to the other Desk to drop off some papers and saw something out of the corner of my eye.

Upon closer inspection I found....yes. A dead mouse in a trap.

Here are my base log notes for the day:

0800: Erin on base
0822: Faxed out grounding times and fire behavior indicies
8030: Completed weather forecast millibar charts - faxed
0833: Checked aircraft U/S forms - T444 still unservicable - replaced by T452
0845: Found mouse dead in trap. I am NOT touching it.
0846: Still not touching it. Hoping not to get hanta virus
0847: Called Jeff (duty officer) - requested he come to base to dispose of mouse. He said no.
0848: Called Jeff again. Told him I'm not touching it. That if he doesn't get rid of it I might die - He said to send him a memo so he can shred it.
0849: Faxed daily fire stats to Av. Mgmt.
0850: Called Holly down from tanker base
0851: Holly won't touch it either. It's a pickle.
0910: Murray on base - requested he get rid of mouse. Murray said no. Reminded him I could die. He said it was nice knowing me.
0930: Feeling a bit faint. Perhaps the hanta is kicking in? Or maybe I'm hungry.
0942: Mouse still in trap. Still dead.
1000: Drew on base for day - requested he dispose of mouse.
1010: Mouse still dead. In trap. Drew searching for gloves.
1015: Mouse disposed of using plastic bags, a pencil and a paperclip.
1020: Feel dirty

As drew pointed out, at least it wasn't a rat. I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to spiders, snakes, bugs and dogs I'm fine. But mice turn me into the girliest girl ever.


Duncan said...

Follow Erin's link to my blog. I pity no on when it comes to mice. I had the ultimate mouse experience. I tasted 'mouth juice' on my palate for days. I would have looked after it for ya baby - tell those men they're wimpy.

Anonymous said...


Poor little Mickey....all he wanted was to be loved! LOL

joz said...

funny how both you and D-ro have dead mice on your blogs...

Erin said...

Ya, he just knows how cool I am and wanted to try to compete....

just a girl... said...

OMG that time line is cracking me up. I would have been out of there

♥Vivian♥ said...

I have a hamster, NO mouse traps, btw that mouse over there in your picture looked cute! Thank god I didn't see any blood!