Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Curiouser and Curiouser....

South Thompson
10.24 AM PDT Wednesday 2 July 2008

Severe thunderstorm watch for: South Thompson issued Risk of severe thunderstorms developing late this afternoon.This is an alert to the potential development of severe thunderstorms with large hail and damaging winds.Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements. If threatening weather approaches take immediate safety precautions.The airmass over the interior remains unstable enough for the development of thunderstorms late this afternoon. These storms will be isolated but have the potential for giving brief wind gusts to 90 km/h, downpours of 25 mm in one hour and hail.

This is a shot of the guys HOLDING DOWN THE PLANE yesterday. Oh yeah - the winds were so strong that we ended up having to fill the tanks with water in order to prevent the 802 from lifting off on its own! More of that today?