Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Erin Day!

Happy Canada Day!

This was my first gifty of the day:

Oh yes. One of my air attack officers sent me a photo of himself for my birthday. I'm thrilled. Cannot believe my luck. ahem....(actually this was quite funny - there is a story behind why he is dressed up as a reverend, and why his nickname is the reverend, it all started back in 1974 at a baptist revival meeting...- but that is a story for another blog post on some boring rainy day.)

I have balloons and cupcakes too.

But in general, I'm having a CRAP day. And am grumpy as hell. Cannot wait to go home. Work is annoying and I have an anxious "something is wrong" feeling since yesterday morning for some reason. It's disconcerting to say the least. Some birthday! Perhaps it's hitting 31...I mean 28...ya 28. 28 (the Erin version of 28) is a little perturbing....ah well. If something is wrong, it will eventually come to light, those things always do. And if it's just me being wimpy about getting a year older, I will just have to get over that won't I?

I am going to pretend that Saturday was the actual Erin Day. Why? Because it rocked. Duncan sent me on a pirate booty hunt, and I felt very smart as I solved all the clues. And therefore found all the booty! I was stunned to receive a lens baby for my camera! I've wanted one for ages and was so excited I couldn't talk for a minute! Then I was cooked a steak and crab dinner, I have never had crab before and found craking the shells quite satisfying. So that will be my 28th birthday this year. Yes. 28. anyone want to argue that? I'll claw your eyes out. *grin*

Well back to fighting fires and counting the hours down till 9 pm.


Duncan said...

You're getting older love, shake it off!

~Shiona~ said...

Happy Birthday. I'm sorry it couldn't go better for ya.

Anonymous said...

Ha Boo Ha boo Ha Boo to you!!!!
( at my house that means Happy Birthday :) )


TheHMC said...

Happy day late Birthday!! I hope that it got better for you and that you had a good evening :D