Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Sensitive Side of Duncan

Tonight I was very much in the mood to watch Boogie Nights, which was on the telly.....but Duncan was quite insistent that we spend a few hours watching the above. I had no idea that he was into chick flicks and must say I found the tears hovering in the corners of his eyes quite endearing. His genuine relief at the end when the 2 characters found their way back together was heartwarming to see. I really had no idea that my manly man was so in touch with his feminine side. I think tomorrow night he has lined up "My Best Friend's Wedding" and "Maid in Manhattan" with some ice cream and cookies and a box of tissues. While I'm very excited that he is opening up to me with this whole new part of his personality, I really do want to watch Boogie Nights. But who am I to disappointed him?


therzo said...

I like to think of myself as a bit of a romantic comedy buff. The two that you have picked out next are okay, but really just mediocre.

Check out If Lucy Fell (Sarah Jessica Parker, Elle Macpherson, Ben Stiller) and a couple of Jennifer Aniston films, The Object of My Affection and Picture Perfect; both quite good.

If Lucy Fell is quite out there, but the funniest romantic comedy of all time, in my opinion. One of the Aniston ones is better than the other; I think Picture Perfect.

Let me know if you need more picks.

Erin said...

Actually, I quite liked My Best Friends Wedding, but loathed and despised Maid in Manhatten.....I've seen the Object of my Afection and liked it, as well as the other JA one. If Lucy Fell sounds interesting...will have to pick it up, I'm sure Duncan will love it (cause really, it's all about him)

Hit me up with some more picks!

Erin said...

Smarten up dear!

Duncan said...

I meant smarten up dear - you left yourself logged in - I could have done some serious blog damage had I been the evil type!

Erin said...

I'm disapointed in let the perfect opportunity slide right on best remember to log yourself out of blogger when I'm over, I may not be so kind *wink*