Thursday, June 26, 2008


1. Every day they say it will be sunny. And every day it clouds over.

2. My stomach hurts.

3. I had terrible dreams last night involving aliens, blood, and being chased by rabid cows (ok they might have been dogs but I could swear it looked like a cow).

4. I'm tired.

5. I want a vacation.

6. I want to take my camera and explore, I want to find something I've never seen before. But I'm too busy this weekend. I can't.

7. I just finished my last book.

8. My hair needs cutting.

9. I'm hungry but did I mention my stomach hurts?

10. I wish that Eli Mattson Character would put out a CD. Someone sign him already please.

11. I seem to be full of negativity today, I need.....something. Not sure what, but I don't like this dreary feeling. Perhaps pizza, a glass of wine, some tums and a bubble bath will help.

1.5 hours until the little monkey goes to bed and I can spoil myself a bit.

Erin is down and clear, over and out.