Sunday, June 8, 2008

Like...Totally Random Dude

1. I like pie. I mean I like it alot. Sugary, crusty, fruity goodness on a plate. Especially berry pies. My mom makes a mean pie. If there is one thing I crave on a consistant basis, it's pie. In fact, I'm craving some pie right now. It makes me a bit sad that there is no pie to be had in my world at the moment.

2. Lyrics mean alot to me. A song can have a mediocre melody, but give me some kickass lyrics and I love it. I tend to give the important people and events in my life theme songs. It changes on a rotating basis. Every sublime or excruciating moment has a song, every (ex)boyfriend has a song, or several, my friends have songs, most of my summer family members have them, and my memories run through my head with full audio tracks. 'Arms Wide Open' by Creed kept playing in my mind when I was busy birthin' my son. (unoriginal I know). Every song I love has a story behind it, the lyrics make me think of someone or something. Thats just how I roll.

3. I need to start potty training this boy of mine. He will be 2 in just over a month. But honestly, the thought of doing so makes me feel so overwhelmed - like a 8th grader suddenly dropped off at a senior highschool by mistake. I don't know where to start.

4. My weekend was good. Pretty chill....Melissa bought a house (yay Mel!) and we have dubbed it 'the Crack Shack'. No I don't do crack in the house. Nor do any of my friends, in fact, we are not known to do crack at all.....I've never even seen crack let alone thought about doing it...but I digress. The crack shack is falling down. Literally. So I helped with reno's there. I forsee many a saturday at ye old crack house. Pictures of that fiasco to come later. She is a brave girl, my mel, and I couldn't be prouder of her.

5. Also did the photos for my ex-step-sister's grad. Wow. I wish we'd had dresses and limo's like that when I was in highschool! My grad was a lot more low-key...the focus was not so much on fashion, champagne and accessories. No, we boring 90's gradders were more focused on...I dunno...the excitement of graduation from highschool? No...that's not it. Oh ya, we put an outhouse on the school roof. That was the focus of my grad. Keep in mind I gradded from a town of 4000 mill workers/ranchers. Ergo the outhouse. But my point is, Lora was gorgeous and the photos are looking good. Can't wait to get them out of my camera.

Signing off for's a little dilbert to really get your Sunday rollin'


therzo said...

My nephew really likes pie too. I have to say I'm a fan as well. As long as there's no meat or salty items in pie I have to say it's a food you can't go wrong with.

Come to think of it, if any future marriage to beets doesn't go too well, I may propose to pie.

Erin said...

Back away from the pie's mine. I've already picked up the ring and everything....back away slowly and no one gets hurt.

Anonymous said...

Me..not a pie chocolate cake is a whole other story! :)

Potty training isn't as hard as it consistant and start with a potty! LOL Little man was potty trained by 2 (rare in boys apparently) except for nighttime...he was about 2 1/2 for that one.