Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Crack Shack Part 1

I have limited photos as I've been lazy as all heck lately and haven't lightroom'd them.

But so far Mel's house has had the following issues:

1. The whole house is basically sinking/falling down as there isn't enough / proper support beams in the foundation - they are currently building a new beam to go down the centre of the house, I'm concerned about the corners but Mel is sure this will work so I'll have faith.

2. When we took out the ceiling panels in the main livingroom / kitchen area, we found, along with over 300 pounds of sawdust, that the ceiling truss's were cracked right though due to an insufficient pitch on the roof combined with tin roofing and big snowloads in the winter. Those are being reinforced now too.

3. The shut off valve for the water is broken. The city had to come shut the water off so that the bathroom can be gutted.

4. Bathroom: Mold. Lots of Mold. Floors are rotted right through, using the toilet is dicey, walls are rotten, subfloor is rotten. Basically has to be gutted and started fresh.

I received a somewhat ominous email this morning from M - simply stating that she found more issues with the house last night, but she didn't go into detail. I'll put in a few hours saturday morning before the weekend craziness begins. Here's a few photos of last weekend, mainly spent shoveling the above mentioned sawdust. Bleck.

Oh, and Mel - I'm so proud of you. You have guts girl!

Taking out the useless post - check out the rockin' 60's wallpaper we found behind it! Duncan is supervising - see that rather dubious expression on his face? Like he is constantly biting his tongue? Ya that was pretty much how he looked the whole time we were there.....It's all rather overwhelming!

Deb takin' out some shelves. Who knew crowbars were so much fun!

Me, getting ready to dive into sawdust....before mask....

And after mask...I rather like this look, I think it suits me.

Mel and I shoveling sawdust. Oh ya.....building those shoulder muscles....

Kelly smashing out the really fugly fireplace - the house was sinking rather badly underneath this behemoth - it's gone now. To be replaced with a cozy wood burning stove.

So more this weekend, I'm learning lots and have finally stopped shrieking when I pull off some wood or when something lands on my head. It's progress. I'm such a girly girl when it comes to things like that. But I'm sure by the end of the reno's I'll be all tough and stuff. heehee!