Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Things I Learn

This weekend was full of interesting little epiphanies for me...just little tiny things, but they add up. That's how ya learn I guess. Plus I like lists, and never make them, which could be part of my whole problem in life....but I digress.

Things I learned this weekend:

1. If you apply sunscreen as soon as you notice you are burning, it's already too late. Ouch.

2. I can get away with 1 night of grace. That is it. And I had to concentrate real hard. And then the next day and for the rest of the weekend, I'm as clumsy as ever and then some. (*side note to this - it's a pretty amazing feeling to meet someone who is as clumsy, if not more so than me!!!!)

3. You never stop learning about people. Makes one wonder how solid opinions and feelings are ever formed when every relationship, be it friendship, family or a partnership, is constantly evolving due to what you learn about each other. It's a crazy, sometimes scary, but ultimately beautiful ride, this life of ours.

4. Sunshine is a wonderful thing. And it's way better when your out in it rather than inside watching it. (I already knew that but it was really brought to my attention the last few days).

5. Getting lost in the woods is really not as difficult as one might think.

6. Sleeping on a mattress and sleeping on the ground are much less than 3 degrees of separation apart sometimes.

7. I still do not like corn.

8. I need to learn to speak my thoughts and feelings more in life instead of keeping it all inside and expecting everything to just magically figure itself out, cause chances are, if I don't, they won't all just work out and then I end up frustrated. This one is going to be a life-long job I think, it's hard but in the end would probably make me a much more relaxed person.

9. I now know what "chickies" are and curiosity has been thoroughly satisfied. For another 10 years.

10. I am, in general, enjoying this part of my life so much, I haven't had so many moments of utter contentment in a long long time. *smile* It feels damn good.

11. My son thinks I'm hilarious when I try to discipline him. I had a sneaking suspicion about this one, but now know for sure. Sigh.

Anyways, thats about it in a nutshell. Now off to contimplate stuff and pretend I'm Amish just for kicks. In a hamock. Cause what's more Amish than a hamock and powerade.


TheHMC said...

Oh.. did someone go camping?

That sunscreen thing screwed me over too, this past Saturday. At least I was smart enough to put it on all of my kids first and was only setting out for skin cancer for myself.

p.s. I'm way clumsy myself.