Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Signs I've Been at Work too Long

At work we have 2 (*3) shifts. The early shift, which is 8-4 and the late shift which is 10-6. On the late shift, which I have been working this week I start at 10 and while I'm technically off at 6, I have to stay until either the end of alert (8 pm) or until the planes have all landed. This week all our fire activity has been up north, which means that their grounding times are not until 10:30 ish at night. Then we have to wait for all the fire reports and paper work to get filled out. Makes for some long days. But is great for the bank account! New clothes for Noah and I, here I come!

So, some signs that I've been there too long on a late shift:

1. I throw a half eaten banana in the garbage can, it's kinda overripe and therefore smelly, and I realize that was a dumb move cause the janitors have already come and gone for the night. So tomorrow I get to work in banana scented purgatory.

2. My daily horoscope email that mysteriously appears in my inbox in the middle of the night and is just there when I sign in in the morning.....well it shows up. While I'm still sitting there.

3. I start seriously considering bringing a sleeping bag and overnighting in the pilots nap room. Just seems easier that way rather than driving home and then back in a few hours.

4. The base's auto heat/cool system cuts in, turning itself off as no one should be there at that time of night. Brrrrrrrr.

5. I find my self mulling over creative ways in which to cut down on my shower time tomorrow morning, therefore optimizing sleep time.

6. Waiting for paper work at the end of the night, when all the planes are down and clear at their respective bases, I find that I have become full of ennui and boredom towards the internet. Yup. The internet bores me.

7. Sometimes I realize that I have seen WAY more of my work family than my real family. More of my pilots, engineers and forestry people than of my son, boyfriend, friends and family. This makes me kinda sad cause I miss my "real" people. Lots.

But in the end, I love my job, I love what I do and the people I work with. I'm not complaining, I know tons of people do the same thing in all sorts of jobs, I'm just trying to pass the time while waiting for paperwork.
*The third shift is the dreaded "Early/Late" shift which I have done a few times this week - start at 8 and work to close. Only happens when we are training a new person - which we are - or someone is sick.

**I wrote this up last night but somehow didn't post it.

*** A funny thing this morning, woke up and had NO idea where I was. Quite odd considering I was at home in my own bed! I've been housesitting for the last 10 days and either sleeping there or at D's house (oh crispy new 1200 thread count I do adore you) so it was rather disconcerting today to wake up in my apartment. A few moments of confused panic while I sorted it all out.

Oh, and I got home last night and realized that I forgot my toothbrush at the place I was housitting. Yuck. Scope just doesn't cut it.


Anonymous said...

We've just got plain ole' regular hours 9-5 from Sept - June, and in the summer months 8:30-4:30. BORING...I know...but consistent which is what I wanted for my littleman....otherwise I would be working in 'chosen' profession rather the 'must make a living' profession